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Putty Root

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<center><a href="http://puttyroot.50megs.com"><img
src="http://puttyroot.50megs.com/banner.gif" alt="Putty Root Banner"
" border="0">
<center><u><b>Putty Root: The Leaders of the Evil-Pop Revolution</b></u></center>
<center>(click the banner to visit the webpage)</center>

Putty Root is the new band from ex-Project Mayhem/Maniac McGee member Kevin Rankin. The band consists of Kevin - bass, Valerie - vocals, guitar, and Kyle - guitar (live). We are in the process of recording a full-length demo-album at Symphone 1207 Studios. You can sample some of the songs on our new webpage, linked above (including the song Choice You Made, as featured in the Issue 2 of Filler). We are also looking for a full-time drummer for the band so we can take it on the road.

Visit the site, listen to the music, let me know what you think...thanks.
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