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Filler 4! 
01:37am 10/07/2003
  The new issue of Filler is now available online at www.fillmeup.net. Be warned that it takes a while to load because of the graphics.

The print version should be out soon as well.

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03:13pm 27/06/2003
  Check out eMtiE!  

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11:21am 22/06/2003
  Go to eMtiE.9f.com  

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Filler needs you! (Crossposted like whoa) 
01:20am 10/06/2003
  Hey guys --

I hate to be particularly annoying (do I? no wait, I don't), but I still need submissions for the next issue of Filler. I really want to get it out, but if I don't get the submissions I need to fill it, I can't. So, send me something, I would be very grateful to get it. Thanks.

(email: asugarhigh@aol.com)


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Filler's 1 year anniversary is in June! 
12:52am 29/04/2003
mood: nostalgic
Hey everyone --

It's that time again. Spring issue of Filler is looking for submissions. It's the regular deal - short stories, poems, photos, drawings, comics, etc. etc. etc. Anything good. If you've been meaning to submit for a while but never got around to it, I really recommend that you do this time because Filler is either ENDING or MOVING to wherever I go to college. Either way, it's not going to be the same or as accessible as it has been in the past. This could be the last issue, at most it will be the second to last.


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07:08pm 06/02/2003
mood: excited
Filler 3 is out!! Look for your copy.

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Weeeeeee! New issue! 
09:05pm 21/01/2003
  Hey everyone!

Issue 3 of Filler is fast approaching. Check out a sneak peek at fillmeup.net (click on the "issues" section). Look for the paper version to be this up coming weekend!

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05:06pm 26/12/2002
mood: excited
Filler's web page is officially up! Check it out here. Thanks to Aaron for making it so pretty!

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01:54am 01/12/2002
mood: content
Hey kids! Lots is happening with Filler, so let me get you caught up.

First of all, I got an ad from In a Can Productions. That's a major help for costs, but certainly not enough! If you're interested in an ad (even personal ads), let me know and I'll get back to you with the prices. So, yay for ad space!

Next up, the god awful Filler webpage is being revamped. It's being done by someone who actually knows what they're doing, so hurray for that. You can check out the preview here, but eventually it will be moved to fillemeup.net. Which, incidentally, is not a porn site. Not yet, at least.

Finally, Filler 3 is still accepting submissions. It should be out in December, so get excited! For those of you who worry about submitting too late for this issue, don't. If you submit too late for this issue it will roll over to the next. Don't panic, I still love you.

Keep in mind that deadlines are coming up for those who have promised to submit stuff! I will come to collect.

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Putty Root 
12:01am 17/10/2002
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<center><a href="http://puttyroot.50megs.com"><img
src="http://puttyroot.50megs.com/banner.gif" alt="Putty Root Banner"
" border="0">
<center><u><b>Putty Root: The Leaders of the Evil-Pop Revolution</b></u></center>
<center>(click the banner to visit the webpage)</center>

Putty Root is the new band from ex-Project Mayhem/Maniac McGee member Kevin Rankin. The band consists of Kevin - bass, Valerie - vocals, guitar, and Kyle - guitar (live). We are in the process of recording a full-length demo-album at Symphone 1207 Studios. You can sample some of the songs on our new webpage, linked above (including the song Choice You Made, as featured in the Issue 2 of Filler). We are also looking for a full-time drummer for the band so we can take it on the road.

Visit the site, listen to the music, let me know what you think...thanks.

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You know you want to 
05:49pm 14/10/2002
mood: bored
Hey everyone -

Filler is accepting submissions for issue 3, so don't wait until the last minute. Stuff I'm looking for inclues: short stories, articles, poems, drawings, photos, songs, scenes, comics, etc. etc. etc. Anything you think might work. So, please include something.

Also, Filler needs some money for the next printing! I'm looking for ads and I'm in rather desperate need. If you want to place an ad or think someone you know would want to, please contact me for prices and specifics.


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Pick up your copy today! 
12:47am 29/09/2002
mood: still tired
Filler is now available in the following places:

Starbucks (probably won't last very long there)

Beyond the Wall
the framing place in the mall

Thanks to Meg and Marie for helping with distribution! :)

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10:29pm 22/09/2002
  Filler is coming tomorrow! I'll probably be distributing on Friday at the show and it'll be in all the usual places. You should know by now, you slacker.
If you're NOT local, we can trade or you can send me $1. Yay!

This issue includes:
- the next Virgin Mary? Hmm...maybe not.
- a duck that says quack
- gossip about Bjork
- fucked up drawings by Rich
- a song you can learn to play all by yourself
- an article about who may be watching you
- lots of other cool stuff. rock.

http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/filler/index.html (the new issue isn't up yet)
My e-mail: asugarhigh@aol.com

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06:14pm 19/09/2002
mood: indifferent
Star Press called this afternoon to let me know that the next issue won't be delivered until Monday. Sorry! Another slight delay.

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Fill me up, baby! 
11:04pm 18/09/2002
mood: accomplished
Hi! Welcome to the Filler community!

I basically set this up as a convenient way for people to know what's going on with Filler between issues. However, you can also use this forum to post comments, questions, or even submissions --- anything Filler related.

So, for the first update, I'm happy to finally say that issue two should be ready by Friday. I'm not sure how fast I'm going to be able to distribute but if I know I will be at any shows to hand it out or if I leave a stack somewhere I'll post so you can run out to get it. Although it's free, it IS suggested $1 (a la the Backdoor). Filler is expensive and the more money I can raise the more I can do with it (I'd really love to add some color!)

If you're not local, you can leave a comment and we can work out a trade or money and I will send it out.

Look out for more updates and keep submitting!

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