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Fill me up, baby!

Hi! Welcome to the Filler community!

I basically set this up as a convenient way for people to know what's going on with Filler between issues. However, you can also use this forum to post comments, questions, or even submissions --- anything Filler related.

So, for the first update, I'm happy to finally say that issue two should be ready by Friday. I'm not sure how fast I'm going to be able to distribute but if I know I will be at any shows to hand it out or if I leave a stack somewhere I'll post so you can run out to get it. Although it's free, it IS suggested $1 (a la the Backdoor). Filler is expensive and the more money I can raise the more I can do with it (I'd really love to add some color!)

If you're not local, you can leave a comment and we can work out a trade or money and I will send it out.

Look out for more updates and keep submitting!
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